Nissan Mobility Concept Range, Price

The Nissan Mobility Concept is an ultra-compact electric vehicle that was introduced in 2010. Essentially, it can be regarded as a Renault Twizy clone and was introduced only a year after the Renault Twizy Concept in 2009. These 2 carmakers have been in partnership since 1999, and it is widely believed they collaborated on these 2 projects. According to a vague statement from Nissan. This concept was developed to address transportation needs of the growing number of senior citizens and single member families. Together with the demand for a practical automobile to conduct short distance trips for not more than 2 individuals.

Nissan Mobility Concept front

Nissan Mobility Concept – Exterior and Interior Design

This concept’s dimensions are 2340mm (L) X 1230mm (W) X 1450 (H), a very compact body size that provides an unparalleled convenience in driving and parking it. It was constructed around a lightweight steel frame, which is encompassed by plastic panels. It features a single door on either of its sides, which are devoid of windows.

The Nissan Mobility Concept integrates an open air’ design that prevents its 2 occupants from feeling cramped while on the road. It’s interior features single front and rear seats. The front (driver) seat comes with an ergonomic design and is very comfortable. To facilitate for easy and convenient access to the rear seat. This front seat can be effortlessly slid in the forward direction. There is some storage space found beneath the rear seat. Which is sufficiently large to accommodate a big purse or even a laptop PC. As for the dashboard of this electric vehicle, its layout is extremely simplistic and features a digital speedometer and battery status indicator. Also, besides the steering wheel, there are 2 buttons, one for the drive mode and another for the reverse mode. Depressing both of these buttons simultaneously shifts the Nissan Mobility Concept into the neutral mode.

Nissan Mobility Concept rear

Nissan Mobility Concept – Engine Performance

This electric vehicle runs on an electric motor that can produce a top power of up to 20 hp and 52 lbs-ft worth of torque. This given motor has a maximum output of 15 kWh and is powered by a 6.1 kWh lithium-ion battery. Once it is depleted, this battery can require up to 4 hours of recharging using a 200V normal charger. The Nissan Mobility Concept is in an excellent position of achieving top speeds of up to 25 mph and its cruising range is around 62 miles. Finally, as this happens to be a totally electric vehicle, it does not need any fuel. So, it is impossible to give any figures on engine performance issues such as fuel efficiency.

Nissan Mobility Concept side

Nissan Mobility Concept – Release Date and Price

The Japanese automaker is yet to provide conclusive information on whether the Nissan Mobility Concept will be put into production or indeed it’s release date if this is the case. Additionally, Nissan has not provided any data on the exact price this concept could go for once it is placed into production and ultimately released into the market. On the other hand, according to some relatively substantiated rumors from some industry insiders. You can expect to pay from $8,000 to $10,000 for this electric vehicle. All this naturally depends on if this noted Japanese carmaker will decide to put the Mobility Concept Nissan into production and eventually release it into the market.