Nissan Leaf E-Plus Nismo Confirmed

The popular car manufacturer has confirmed that the Nissan Leaf E-Plus Nismo is currently in the first stage of production. The automaker asserted that a “racier” Nismo version of the incumbent Leaf would target younger demographic thanks to the bold new design language. The Nissan’s Senior Vice President for Global design Alfonso Albaisa said during a Nissan event in Norway that a Nismo performance version comes with a lot of niceties.

An image of the Leaf E-Plus Nismo Concept surfaced at the Nissan Futures event. The sec-gen Nissan Leaf comes complete with larger wheels, a lowered suspension and blue intonations along the undercarriage. Besides, the inbound Nissan Leaf E-Plus Nismo gets a broader body, so it strengthens the EV’s appeal to youthful buyers. A source hinted at the possibility of launching this model at the Tokyo Motor Show that kicks off on the 25th October.

Nissan Leaf E-Plus Nismo front view

Nissan Leaf E-Plus Nismo – Sporty Look

We do not have adequate information regarding performance or mechanical enhancements done to the E-Plus Nismo. However, the concept says a lot about the new aesthetic. Although the inbound version looks decidedly sportier, it seems a tad generic in its upgrades. The overhauled Nissan Leaf E-Plus Nismo gets a new body kit, some red trim, different wheels and a black stripe on the hood.

Again, we couldn’t judge whether or not the Leaf E-Plus Nismo becomes a design package or a performance model. But, we can’t deny the fact that the E-Plus wears the Nissan Motorsport attire.The British motoring journalist named Steve Fowler posted some E-Plus Nismo images on his official Twitter account.

These pictures reveal that the new model sports a sharper front bumper, a black decal on the hood and more massive side skirts. Red accents are also evident in trademark NISMO fashion. It is also set to arrive with large six-spoke alloy wheels.

Nissan Leaf E-Plus Nismo interior view

Nissan Leaf E-Plus Nismo – Engine and Battery

The soon-to-arrive Nissan Leaf E-Plus Nismo model brings a stiffer body construction, which also gets complemented with higher-capacity batteries. These technical aspects are designed to accomplish a sportier Nismo. A reliable report claimed the new vehicle adds higher-capacity batteries and a higher output engine that surpasses the regular 40kWh, 110kW Leaf.

Expect the E-Plus Nismo to carry a 60kWh battery when it arrives in mid-2018. The engine has more power and more performance, accelerating from 0-60mph in just under eight seconds. Also, it has a more extensive range of up to 225 miles. This electrified hatchback, therefore, offers more rigidity, more power and improved aerodynamics. The only demerit is the torsion beam rear suspension, which needs to be tweaked for better driving dynamics.

Nissan Leaf E-Plus Nismo rear view

Release and Price Expectations

The Nissan is planning to unveil a special Nissan Leaf E-Plus Nismo version next year when the regular 2018 Nissan Leaf goes on sale. The bold new sporty EV is purposely built in the quest to attract and appeal a younger audience. Pricing details are still a mystery, but the base trim might start at $34,948. We likely will have to wait until October 25 to find out more information concerning this rather odd creation. For that reason, we advise you to stay tuned in for more updates to come soon.