Nissan Invitation Concept

The Nissan Invitation concept its a product of the Japanese automobile bigwig, the Nissan Motors. The model was a great successor to the Nissan Note, in the interesting line of compact cars. This is a must-have for lovers of style and class. The new model demonstrates the design inspiration for Nissan’s expected all-new compact car. This refers to a medium-sized family car that is smooth and efficient. To those who may be in such of an appropriate compact car for their interests, the Nissan has heeded to their call and produced this beauty.

Nissan Invitation front

Nissan Invitation – Fantastic Appearance

The new Invitation is a five-door hatchback. It’s 163.4 inches in length, 68.5 inches in width and 57.9 inches in height. The Squash Line’ running the length of the vehicle, is what punctuates the car’s sporting body design. This line is indeed one unique characteristic and accentuates the vehicle’s beauty. Its angular LED lights also provide a superb lighting system. It also boasts a glass panel moonroof that gazes into the stars.

Stylish Dashboard

This model contains brand new technology such as Nissan’s around-view monitor and Nissan safety shield technologies. These enable the driver to keep an eye on the car’s surrounding and make parallel parking easier. It has also made reversing way easier, especially for amateur drivers. The interior is notably ‘inviting’ and really comfortable. It has spacious legroom and headroom, thanks to a state-of-the-art design concept. An open glass ceiling boosts the interior lighting, giving a warm feeling. The seats which are white with shades of orange are simply soothing to the soul. This is simply the perfect family car.

Nissan Invitation interior

Nissan Invitation – Engine Options

The Nissan is not revealed what engine will be used for the new model Invitation. But from some rumors, it will offer an ultra-low CO2 emission under 100g/km. From this info, we expect a supercharged 1.0-litre engine that is already used in the Nissan Micra model.

Nissan Invitation side

Nissan Invitation – Date of Arrival, Price, and Conclusion

The Nissan Invitation was also first revealed to the public at a showroom in Geneva in 2012. From some rumors, the release date is expected to be in this year. As for the price, manufacturer not yet revealed it.

In conclusion, the Nissan Invitation Concept is indeed worthy of its name and hype. It is also worth a buy for those particularly interested in compact cars of small or medium size but with high efficiency.