Mitsubishi EX Concept Price, Release Date

One of the concepts that could bring Mitsu’s lineup back to life is the Mitsubishi EX Concept. The upcoming and futuristic Mitsubishi EX Concept model was first presented back in 2015, and since then the production didn’t happen. The Japanese carmaker isn’t doing all that good in the U.S. markets with the only couple of models in the offer and none of them is among the most selling vehicles in their respective segments.

The Mirage is far from that goal, Lancer is close to discounting, i-MiEV is still waiting for its breakthrough and Outlander is perhaps the best selling vehicle from Mitsubishi. So, the new concept is ready to hit the U.S. markets and it will offer a very futuristic design, modern interior, and an all-electric drivetrain.

Mitsubishi EX Concept side

Mitsubishi EX Concept exterior looks futuristic

The forthcoming Mitsubishi EX Concept will feature a very futuristic and bold design. The front end is a part of a Mitsubishi’s latest Dynamic Shield design. The same language design is on some other concept vehicles such as XR-PHEV II. Of course, the EX concept will arrive with plenty of unique styling cues.

The front features thinner headlights, the grille is all-new and the bumper is restyled a little bit. The headlights are mounted into the bumper, a styling cue taken from Nissan Juke. At the rear, the fascia is the same as the one up front, on the other hand, this crossover will own a pair of taillights that are conventional.

The EX concept looks both rugged and sporty. However, at the same time and the side mirrors will be replaced with HD cameras, according to speculations.

Mitsubishi EX Concept interior

Mitsubishi EX Concept interior offers white accents

The interior of an all-new EX Concept offers plenty of asymmetrical shapes. The dashboard comes with one such a design shape and it runs all the way into the door panels. There is a two-tone color scheme available and it looks perfect. For an instance, the one side of the interior is in purple and it offers white accents, while the other side comes with white fascia and purple-yellow accents.

The center stack is “buttonless” and it offers two displays, one large touchscreen, and one smaller display. A windscreen is there and use car technology that displays the navigation, distance alerts, traffic signs and lane departure warning.

Mitsubishi EX Concept

Mitsubishi EX Concept engine output and battery

While some previous Mitsubishi’s concepts were using a hybrid technology, an EX concept comes with an all-electric drivetrain.

This crossover will benefit from a latest EV system that includes a high-performance battery with great capacity and two compact motors. The 45-kWh battery is charging a pair of 93 HP.


The approaching Mitsubishi EX Concept provides 249 miles of driving range on a single charge. All-wheel drive configuration is in the offer as well, and we are still waiting for Japanese carmaker to announce further drivetrain figures.

Mitsubishi EX Concept rear

Mitsubishi EX Concept price and release date

There is no information about the crossover’s price. On the other hand, the Mitsubishi EX Concept is likely to hit the markets in the second half of 2019.