Mitsubishi Evolution is making a comeback as SUV

As per the news that is circulating over the past months, the Japanese company is working on the new model Mitsubishi Evolution that will be presented like crossover SUV. However, if we look at the last year, the popular carmaker is resurrected the model Eclipse and instead of the sports car, we get Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Sporty SUV model.

In the press conference Managing Director, Lance Bradley said that will company make final Evolution model looking different than others in this series. This model will be a product of Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance.

We also have some concept photos of the model with the name Mitsubishi e-Evolution. However, this model is first time debuted at Tokyo auto show in 2017 like the pure electric crossover. This is the first hint of how the new model will look.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept front

What do we know about the upcoming model?

The manufacturer Mitsubishi has released the last one model of Lancer Evolution in late 2015. However, in that time the company is said that this model will be the last one in this series. The production of the car has a limit to 1,600 models in the United States with starting price of $38,000.

However, the upcoming model Mitsubishi Evo SUV will be very popular like the sporty model that has the army of fans behind it. The company is well aware of the power of the Evolution name. As per concept images of the Mitsubishi e-Evolution model, we assume that next Evo will be much more futuristic.

The front fascia of the concept SUV gets an extended grill like in the model Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. The rear section of the car is totally different if we compared it to a sport model. If we look at the taillights we will see similarities with the Lamborghini Urus model. Also, if the final model is like in the concept images, we expect the same measures or little higher that Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV model.

The interior of the new model will be very spacious with plenty of legroom and head rooms. This model will get new technology features that we cannot see in other models. The model will reach level four autonomy. This means that car is going to be fully autonomous. This system will provide all safety-critical driving functions and will monitoring roadway conditions entire time.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept interior

Engine Rumors

There is a little information about the engine at this moment. However, we have some information that the new model is coming as an electric SUV. Also, there are too many speculation and one of them is that will come with three electric motors and all-wheel drive system. If the rumors are true this model will be capable to produce better output than sport model.

Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept side

Release Date and Price

There are no official words about release date and price. But from some rumors, the new model may see the light in a couple of years. As for the price, if we look at the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV model that begins around $35,500 we can assume that the new model will be thousand dollars more.


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