Mitsubishi EVO SUV -e-Evolution Concept

The Japanese car maker dropped a couple of details concerning the incoming Mitsubishi EVO SUV – e-Evolution concept. The inbound SUV conveys a lot of tech specs, including a triple-motor 4WD system in which one engine drives the front whereas the other motor pushes each of the rear wheels.

Additionally, the latest Dual Motor Active Yaw Control pairs the rear drivers to an electronically-controlled torque vectoring system.

Mitsubishi EVO SUV front

Mitsubishi EVO SUV – Blends Advanced Artificial Intelligence

As per Mitsubishi’s recent report, the e-Evolution concept previews a low-slung aerodynamic SUV Coupe. The inbound edition becomes a high-performance, AWD vehicle with the robust electric power. Worth noting, the term Evolution implies continuously evolving vehicles.

The first few teaser photos have been distributed, and more images will become available as the show-time draws nearer. The Mitsubishi says the e-Evolution concept blends advanced Artificial Intelligence with its signature Four-Wheel-Drive powertrain. Additionally, the e-Evolution concept comprises an AI personal assistant, which delivers a connected driving experience.

Sporty and Aggressively Styled

Based on the teaser images, the Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept receives a low and sporty roofline with aggressively styled tail lamps. There’s a broken C-pillar on this concept, which makes the roof to appear as if it is floating. While our details are rather light at the moment, Mitsubishi’s single shadowy teaser image proves handy in clearing some waves of confusion.

The preview portrays what looks like a heavily-sculpted 5-door dorm form, but rear-door cut lines are scarcely visible. We can see a split buttress-styled C-pillar that comprises sharply angular LED taillights. A shallow rear windscreen puts the SUV’s style a few steps ahead of versatility. Despite your take on couple-like CUVs, the new Mitsubishi EVO SUV concept is likely to end up being one of the most elegant models on our roads.

The e-Evolution takes a look at how you drive, courtesy of its personal assistant system. The system helps out with communication with friends and family, safety info and controlling such things as headlights and climate control. The Artificial Intelligent system connects with both Google Home and Amazon, although it depends on which e-Evolution model you choose.

Mitsubishi EVO SUV side

Mitsubishi EVO SUV Evolves Into an All-Electric Vehicle

The Mitsubishi EVO SUV features three high-performance electric engines along with a high-capacity battery pack. Its front axle gets a single electric engine while each of the rear wheels will get a separate motor.

The Mitsubishi EVO SUV also features an Active Yaw Control unit that integrates electronically-controlled torque vectoring at the rear. According to the automaker, the system offers crisp and nimble handling which faithfully reflects driver intent.

Mitsubishi EVO SUV rear

Mitsubishi EVO SUV – Pricing and Release Date

At the moment, we have no pricing details and release date for the Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept. But, we will have a coverage of next Tokyo Motor Show event that is slated for the 28th October. Therefore, the Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept premieres toward the end of October. Stay tuned to our website for more news.