2019 Nissan GTR R36 Specs and Price

Despite that the iconic performance car is about to continue in the same way, most likely, there are many reports full of speculations about the all-new 2019 Nissan GTR R36. The current R35 model is on the market for a pretty long time, much longer than we would expect from a supercar.

However, it still delivers spectacular performances, better than most of the much younger competitors. So, we have no doubt that the new generation, when it arrives, will feature stupendous speed. It will come with a completely new powertrain, as well as with plenty of other brand-new design solutions.

2019 Nissan GTR R36 front view

2019 Nissan GTR R36 Design

The 2019 Nissan GTR R36 will represent the second generation of Nissan’s famous performance car. So far, most reports suggest that the redesign won’t come that soon, though we can still hope to see the new by the end of next year. It should come with a completely new platform. Even the current model is characterized by a superior grip, so we can only imagine how good the new 2019 Nissan GTR R36 will be. Of course, expect to see a brand-new styling. Most likely, the new model will be inspired by the 2014 Vision Gran Tourismo concept. So, expect to see a super sleek and low profile, along with a bunch of sharp lines and a completely new face. Another aspect where we expect a lot of improvement is weight reduction. The current model is pretty heavy for the modern industry standard, so fuel economy isn’t spectacular at all.

2019 Nissan GTR R36 Interior

On the inside, there is a chance to see some radical changes. While the current model features capacity for 4 passengers, the new 2019 Nissan GTR R36 will probably come in a more conventional manner for supercars, with just two seats. Also, expect to see significant improvement in terms of materials quality. This is definitely one of the weakest points of the current model. Finally, new tech features should be found inside the Nissan GTR R36 as well.

2019 Nissan GTR R36 interior

2019 Nissan GTR R36 Specs and Performances

According to the Nissan Alliance, the new 2019 Nissan GTR with Skyline engine should be an interesting combination of gasoline engine and electric sources of power. Most likely, the new hybrid system will come with two hi-output electric motors. On the other side, the current 3.8-liter will leave the space for the new 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6.

Exact numbers are still unknown, but we expect to see some nice power increase compared to the current model, which features around 565 horses in the base version, and around 600 in the Nismo model. Fuel economy is the aspect where we expect to see significant improvements for sure. Expect nothing less than spectacular performances, with a 0-60 time that will definitely go under 2.5 seconds.


2019 Nissan GTR R36 Price and Release Date

The new 2019 Nissan GTR R36 probably won’t come that soon. In the best case, we could see it late in the next year. Compared to the current model, it will probably feature a higher starting price, due to the hybrid powertrain. Base models could go somewhere around 120.000-140.000 dollars.