2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Review, Price and Specs

Everybody is familiar with the name Mitsubishi. It is the producer of vehicles and electronics. Mitsubishi Group of Companies is a multinational Japanese manufacturer that has been producing vehicles since 1870. It has been 145 years since the advent of the company and this is one of the top producers of luxury vehicles. The 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse cross is the model produced by the company and is one of the best-looking projects yet. Eclipse is a compact sports car which started producing in 1989 and released in 1990 in the markets.

The second generation model came out in 1995 and had a convertible body style and was also named as the English racehorse due to its powerful performance. Eclipse is sold in the markets of Saudi Arabia, Oman, North America, South Korea, China, UAE, Philippines, Kuwait and Brazil. Further, in 2000, the third generation model was released followed by a fourth generation model in 2006 and lasted till 2012 with some facelifts and improvements. The upcoming model is going to be the 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse.

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Front

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Redesign

It has always been a two-door coupe with a style statement. This automobile is an incredible project of Mitsubishi and is capable enough to compete with the other brands releasing at the same time. The 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is going to have an innovative design with a streamlined body. 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse is the model of the future.

The next generation model will also have a robotic look from the front fascia with the new grille. The air vents seem to be blended along with the front grille as well. The Mitsubishi logo will be on the grill as usual. This new model will be tagging along with the fog lights as well.

The streamlined body and smooth roofline extending to the back is all sleek and finely finished. The head lights are new with the LED technology present in them. Coming to the rear of Eclipse LED technology will also be present in the tail lights which will be slightly better. Everything will be better and the best when it comes to the new Mitsubishi Eclipse. The rear spoiler is coming along with the two exhaust pipes showing off from beneath the rear bumper. Furthermore, the alloy wheelset will be available for the model.

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Interior

As the model is yet to be released in the near future which is why there is no precise information revealed about the specs present in the model. New upholstery is expected to be in there which is obviously going to be comfortable as the company never fails to satisfy its customers when it comes to the comfort of its cars.

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will have a tilting steering wheel, new speed gauges, advanced touch-screen display present on the center console with lots of other new features coming along.

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross interior

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Powertrain Rumors

The model 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will have under the hood a 1.5-liter inline-four turbo engine. This one will be able to deliver 152-hp and 160 ft-lb torque. Another one engine is there and is able to deliver around 265 horsepower and 262 ft-lb torque. It is the word of the popular 2.2 diesel engine.

The first one engine comes with the 4×4 version and CVT auto transmission. The next one is coming with the eight-speed automatic gearbox.

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross rear

2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Price and Launch  

The price of the 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is still unknown. However, apart from this, it will be debut at the beginning of 2019. We expect a price around $25,000.