2018 Nissan Quest Review, Release Date

The highly anticipated redesign and release of the 2018 Nissan Quest are being heralded as a competitor for the most popular minivan of its time, this being supported by its wide market share. Between being a family car, to luxury accommodation, the Nissan Quest has been a staple.

With over 25 years of experience, the first Nissan Quest being released in 1992. Nissan has had more than enough time to perfect the luxury minivan formula. The 2015 Quest winning the JD Power award for the “highest ranked minivan in initial quality”. Although small changes each year bring forward a new model Quest, this coming model will be the first full redesign of the Nissan Quest since 2010. This gap makes sure the newly released model will bring with it a large number of improvements for safety, power, fuel economy and style. Though most reports are being treated as rumors by Nissan, a number of facts about the car are generally being accepted. This article will address these features of the release.

2018 Nissan Quest front

2018 Nissan Quest – Drivetrain Configuration

The 2018 Nissan Quest, boasting a powerful 3.6-liter V6 engine will generate 260 hp. This engine makes sure the quest is more than capable of handling the tough requirements of a modern minivan. The new model Nissan Quest will have a continuously variable automatic transmission. The engines mileage of 27 mpg on the open road and 20 mpg in the city save the driver money. Reducing carbon emissions due to engine efficiency and places it as the most fuel-efficient minivan of its class. Nissan has stated that the car has a lowered step for convenience as well as improving the cars overall performance.

2018 Nissan Quest side

2018 Nissan Quest – Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior of the van include LED lighting systems for headlights and tail lights will ensure a positive driving experience day and night. Redesigned alloy wheels have been included; the Quest being set to come in a number of different color options. Ambient LED lighting adds to the cars luxury aesthetic.

The 2018 model of the Nissan Quest also includes a leather interior; HD displays that are touch screen enabled, and heated seats for the ultimate comfort of the driver.

2018 Nissan Quest interior

Safety and Features:

Advancements in the world car safety technology have all been included in the latest and most advanced model of the Nissan Quest, including an HD backing camera, auto dimming mirrors, smart headlights and improvement to the internal and external frame of the car for crash protection. Along with these features, Nissan has included a crash avoidance sensor, parking assistance, a tire pressure monitor, ABS breaking and its intelligent key system.

2018 Nissan Quest – Pricing and Release Date

The price point of the 2018 Nissan Quest has not been set. But it is believed that the price will be competitive in the luxury minivan market, following the history of the Quest’s market placement.

Nissan has suggested that the 2018 Quest is set to be released worldwide in the first quarter of 2018.


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