2018 Nissan GT-R Price, Performance, Engine

Nissan is always right with the sports cars. The previous models of GT-R held the great competition with other rivals including also in FIA GT1. This future sporty model has new and future designs and styles. According to the developers, the new generation is more powerful than later models. A sports car is luxurious and this is what Nissan is assuring.

2018 Nissan GT-R front

2018 Nissan GT-R – Strikingly Beautiful Design

The custom improvements of sporty cars are streamlining. The 2018 Nissan GT-R is no exception and enjoys a sharper orientation. The styling and finishing of the car are attractive and eye-catching. Compartments for the Car’s registration number have a new style, which shows some fashion and creativity.

The headlights are smaller but more focused with a popping look. With an aerodynamic styling, the car looks very stable when on the road.

With the elevated speed, the occupants have to remain comfortable and safe. The new design has a maximum of four seats, two for each row. What’s more, the coating of the seats is natural animal skins, which gives them a soft but firm feeling. The seats have an adequate spacing that enables all the occupants to enjoy the inner comfort.

For safety, the braking system is better than the previous model. In addition, the firm seat belts and automatic air bags. The new design marks the door at a center position that allows safer evacuation in case of impact. The 2018 Nissan GT-R enjoys automation and detection of very advanced levels including advanced radio and temperature regulation systems.

2018 Nissan GT-R interior

The 2018 Nissan GT-R – Drivetrain Configuration

Since the car will have greater acceleration and speed, the engine is most likely to be a 3.8-liter V6 engine. The twin-turbo of this engine has massive power of 565 hp with a torque of 500 lb-ft, this means it will consume less fuel but maximize the output. Nissan has a record of producing super engines and this will surely not be an exception. GT-R NISMO version will be able to produce up to 600 hp.

For speed boosting, an electric motor will serve best. Most of these engines are petrol-powered and we expect the same for this GT-R machine.


The GT-R model is always a performing car. With a V6 engine, the 2018 version will perform better than the previous. Installation of paddle shifters will enhance the operations of the car. The steering wheel is more compact and has more accurate steers than even the 2017 model.

For the gearbox, the 6-speed dual clutch automatic transmission set is more luxurious and better performing. Also included is a carbon clutch, which enhances the performance of the car to even higher speeds. The four occupants of the car increase the weight of the GT-R that increases the stability at the highest speed.

2018 Nissan GT-R rear

2018 Nissan GT-R – Release Date and Price

Since it is an improvement of the 2018 Nissan GT-R model, the car release dates might be nearing mid-2018. The installation and putting the new designs into practice might cause some delays. However, it is a car worth waiting.

The executive look and enhanced performance are something buyer will pay for. With the 2017 model being over $103,000, we expect that the price will remain the same. The features and an executive look is something worth that price.

Nissan sports cars are always perfect and unique. The 2018 Nissan GT-R is taking style to the future and including all convenient technologies for a safe ride.