2017 Renault Grand Duster Release Date, Price

The 2017 Renault Grand Duster is the first urban compact SUV from India. The first launch of the Renault Duster in the market was in 2012, but due to competition, it almost lost ground. It was then when the French carmaker generated a plan to bring in the new model of the Renault Duster. The new model is the 2017 Renault Duster which will have both the five-seater and the seven-seater versions. The Renault Grand Duster 2017 will have an all-new design and a revised engine line-up. It will be wider and longer compared to the existing model, and the front fascia will have a more premium look. It is currently undergoing testing outside India.

2017 Renault Grand Duster front

2017 Renault Grand Duster – Immaculate Design

The Interiors of the 2017 Grand Duster will be similar to the existing model. Some elements will be carried over like the instrument panel. However, the quality of the interior will get an upgrade. The 2017 Grand Duster will get features like the reverse parking camera, navigation, touch-screen infotainment system, and the cruise control. The space between the rows is enough for the legs and the head. When the third-row seats are raised, the boot of the seven-seater will be smaller. The dashboard set up will be different, and the lower variants will have a new silicon black color. The higher variants will be gray in color. The overall interior of the 2017 Renault Duster will be from more premium material, and the modifications will be from leather. For safety reasons, the SUV will have six airbags, cameras, ABS, EBD, and a security alarm.

The exterior of the 2017 Renault Duster will look modern and very sophisticated. The spy shots will be different from the current version, and it will have the roof rails. The tail lamps are square in shape, and the wheels are large. The doors will not be the grab on type.

2017 Renault Grand Duster interior

2017 Renault Grand Duster – Power Expectations

Upcoming 2017 Renault Grand Duster will have a larger engine that will run on petrol and diesel. The engine has a capacity of 1.5-liter K9K, and its performance will be high. The engine’s high fuel efficiency will be high too. The seven-seater SUV will have a 1.2-liter turbo petrol engine with 124 hp and an option of seven-speed dual clutch transmission. The diesel engine will have a 1.5-liter with 108 hp. The maximum power will be 130 hp. The petrol engine mileage will be 13km per liter, and the diesel engine mileage will be 15 km per liter. Both the petrol and diesel engines will have an optional AWD system.

2017 Renault Grand Duster rear

2017 Renault Grand Duster – ┬áRelease Date and Price

The five-seater version of the 2017 Renault Grand Duster will be launched in 2017 while the release of the seven-seater version will be in 2018. In India, the petrol model of the Renault Grand Duster will range from $14,000 – $16,000.

The 2017 Renault Grand Duster will be more comfortable, and the seven-seater will serve better a family car. It will be able to compete with cars like Maruti Suzuki S-Cross and the Honda HR-V.