2017 Nissan Serena Redesign, Price

The introduction of the 5th generation of the Nissan Serena has been met with much enthusiasm among fans of this car brand. The company announced its focus to producing brands which were more affordable to the market and could accommodate all types of customers, from families, single people and as well as party mongers. Nissan has also promised to release brands in the next 5 years which will have increased autonomous features like changing lanes thanks to the multiple lane control lane feature. The first brand hit the market 25 years ago and now the 2017 Nissan Serena has incorporated lots of redesign and modifications specs both in the exterior and interior.

2017 Nissan Serena front

2017 Nissan Serena – Redesign Exterior and Interior Features

The boxy minivan has a conspicuous defined exterior with lots of features including a conspicuous metallic front grille, two-tone body color {red and black} and headlights. The company has clearly focused on giving the user a truly amazing experience and total control. The cool exterior features include automatic sliding door, cap- less fuel filler, split headlamp which makes it looks fiercer, metallic grilles, the A- pillar which gives the car a more visible and a D-pillar to give the car a floating roof accent. It is rare to see a boxy minivan with such bold features and the release of this 2017 Nissan Serena is a history in the making.

The interior has even more promising features and at a glance, it is obvious that space has not been compromised. There is better accommodation in the dashboard area and the driver has a more control experience by the availability of a sporty flat-bottomed steering wheel. Following tin the footsteps of its line of X-Trail and Nissan Teana, the third-row seats creates an even bigger impression on the interior. A passenger can swing his feet beneath the seat and this nice feature even adds more meaning to the sliding doors. A feature dubbed the ProPilot uses a camera connected to the ECU in controlling brakes and steering wheel enables the car to drive itself at low speeds. This cool feature of the 2017 Nissan Serena can also function well in places where there is heavy traffic. Other standard features include intelligent park assist, rearview mirror, and all rounded view monitor.

2017 Nissan Serena interior

2017 Nissan Serena – Power Expectations

Speed and engine performance is one of the key things automakers concentrate on while releasing car brands. The Nissan Serena features a 284 hp 3.5-liter engine. the goal was to improve on torque power without compromising on fuel efficiency. Torque is now rated at 259 lb-ft. the transmission includes the latest feature called the Xtronictransmission which stimulates shifts. Thus the driver is promised a more natural acceleration feeling. The spark plug has a concentration of fuel so that there is less time needed to burn the fuel.

2017 Nissan Serena rear

2017 Nissan Serena – Price and Expected Release Date

The brand is expected to launch in August this year and will be available for sale by October. Prices are expected to be less than $29,000 and will depend on the sale country.


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